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Our Invetment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 154% in profit
Last Payout: Mar 24th, 2020
Discussion: ISP  Monitored by HyipListers 
Min/Max: 50 / No Limit
Withdrawal: Manual
Lifetime: 175 days
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Invest Plans:Plan 1: 1.4% daily for 16 days, the principal is refunded at maturity; Plan 2: 1.6% daily for 24 days, the principal is refunded at maturity;
Plan 3: 1.8% daily for 30 days, the principal is refunded at maturity; Plan 4: 2% daily for 36 days, the

Referral program:4%-2%-1%-1%
170 days
Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin PerfectMoney Payeer
UMO-Finance proprietary trading company is intellectual property and governed by international laws. UMO-Finance is trademark of Upward Market Offer Finance. UMO-Finance is electronic investment system that allows you to invest to trading goods in all over the world.

RCB Rates

Deposit % 1st Deposit Re-Deposit
Min Max RCB Bonus RCB Bonus
$50 $1000000 1.00% 400% $0.00 400% $0.00

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RCB Requests for Umo-Finance | RCB Deposit: $2010 | RCB Paid: $89.4

Date User Deposit/RCB Account Status
Mar 24th, 2020 23:38:43 she******* $800.00/$32.00 Bitcoin 31s******* Paid
Mar 8th, 2020 00:55:42 oni******* $50.00/$2.00 PerfectMoney U86******* Paid
Feb 28th, 2020 23:11:59 kal******* $50.00/$2.00 PerfectMoney U77******* Paid
Feb 19th, 2020 21:55:50 uyt******* $150.00/$6.00 PerfectMoney U97******* Paid
Feb 12th, 2020 14:55:07 hen******* $200.00/$8.00 Bitcoin 3Fe******* Paid
Feb 8th, 2020 22:36:52 lia******* $100.00/$4.00 PerfectMoney U61******* Paid
Jan 21st, 2020 02:50:52 oni******* $50.00/$2.00 PerfectMoney U86******* Paid
Jan 8th, 2020 21:32:44 qin******* $150.00/$6.00 PerfectMoney U88******* Paid
Dec 5th, 2019 01:27:59 ggy******* $100.00/$4.00 PerfectMoney U23******* Paid
Nov 5th, 2019 09:27:38 iva**** $50.00/$2.00 PerfectMoney U88******* Paid
Oct 31st, 2019 10:07:17 gms***** $100.00/$4.00 PerfectMoney U14******* Paid
Oct 29th, 2019 00:23:50 hon******* $60.00/$2.40 PerfectMoney U35******* Paid
Oct 17th, 2019 18:24:02 gms***** $50.00/$5.00 PerfectMoney U14******* Paid
Oct 15th, 2019 09:41:21 oni******* $50.00/$5.00 PerfectMoney U86******* Paid
Oct 11th, 2019 09:47:47 iva**** $50.00/$5.00 PerfectMoney U88******* Paid
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